10 Tips for Tired Moms You Need To Try

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As a mom, you already know what the job entitles, and as the most difficult job in the world, there are bound to be moments where you feel exhausted and in need of a much-needed break. As a mom, nurse, cook, secretary, maid, coach, and so much more, motherhood encompasses every fiber of your being. 

Juggling all these hats requires so much energy, it is vital you get the rest you need. Read on to discover 10 Tips for Tired Moms. 

Tips for Tired Moms

1. Self Care Is Essential 

Self-care is important to any person, but as a tired mom, it is essential. In a job where you put everyone else before yourself, at the end of the day, you need to take care of yourself too. 

Set aside some time during the week to do something that makes you feel alive and truly happy. Whether it is stopping to grab a coffee at your favorite coffee shop after dropping the kids off at school, or taking a bubble bath with some aromatherapy after they have been put down for the night, you will thank yourself for taking time for you. 

2. Prioritize Your Mental Health 

You hear it addressed at every pediatric doctor’s appointment during your child’s first year of life— how is your mental health, Mama?

Hormone shifts and adjusting to parenthood (biological, foster, adoptive, etc.) can alter mental health. Checking in with yourself and being honest with how you feel can help you assess areas such as anxiety, depression, and potential concerns. 

If you feel like your mental health is in crisis, please seek out a medical professional for further help. Treatment options such as exercise, meditation, aromatherapy, journaling, medication, or speaking with a licensed counselor can be extremely helpful as you prioritize your mental health. 

3. Slow Down & Take In The Small Moments 

Have you ever heard the old cliche, “the days are long, but the years are short”? As a mom, you quickly realize just how true it is. Slowing down and taking in the little moments is a great way to remember why you do what it is you do. 

Take it all in— the sticky toddler fingers, the sleepy sighs as you rock your infants to sleep, even the petty arguments your teenager instigates when they question your authority. 

Take more pictures, then print them out— you can never have too many. Save the drawings and homemade cards you hang on the fridge. Decorate your Christmas tree with the popsicle stick ornaments your kids make at school. Fill out the baby book, or keep a scrapbook of all your favorite memories with your family to look back on when things get tough. 

Odds are, you will look back and smile, glad you took in all the little things. 

4. Get Outside 

Get outside and soak in some time in the sun! There are many benefits to spending time outside, including increased serotonin levels, stress reduction, strengthened immune system, and improved quality of sleep. 

Go for a walk in the park with the baby. Maybe enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet with your morning coffee on the front porch while the rest of your family is still sleeping. Push your kids on the swings, or chase them in a game of tag. 

Be sure to apply sunscreen before you have any direct exposure to the sun, as prolonged exposure to the rays can be harmful to your skin and cause sunburns. 

5. Revamp Meal Time 

Are you tired of the same meals all the time? Maybe even takeout has taken its toll on you and your family. You might even be tired of just cooking in general. If these scenarios sound familiar, it may be time to revamp meal time.

Put together your grocery list, and plan out specific meals for your week. This will not only reduce unnecessary expenses on your grocery bill, but also reduce wasted food. 

By planning your meals, you can be more mindful about making healthy choices, as well as have some fun in the kitchen. 

Recruit your kids to help prep dinner, or even their lunch for school the next day. This will help prevent cooking burnout for you, while also giving your kids some practical life skills. 

Keep a weekly menu posted on the fridge, as it will help you plan ahead and have an idea of what you might need throughout the week. Grab a cookbook or browse Pinterest for meals that are easy to cook, nutritious, and yield enough for the entire family. The options are endless! 

Tips for Tired Moms

6. Get Physical 

Getting on the move and working out in some sense is super beneficial for moms everywhere. Giving yourself the chance to get physical can boost your energy levels, improve your mental state, and lower your risk for serious health conditions such as heart disease. 

Whether you sign up for a fitness class at your local gym, or do workouts at home in your living room to a YouTube video, there are abundant resources for tired moms. 

Stretching first thing in the morning and at night before bed can help decrease stress, and improve overall mood while starting and ending your day on a good note. 

You can even include your family in on the fun! Try a game of wiffle ball or badminton in the backyard. Go for a walk around the block with your dog. The most important thing is that you get moving. You will be so glad you did. 

7. Stop Comparing Yourself To Other Moms 

Comparison is the thief of joy. If you are constantly comparing yourself to other moms, a social media detox might be in your best interest. Social media usually only showcases our best moments – why compare yourself to the best of someone else? 

If you find yourself needing social media as an outlet— great! You found a nugget of relief to help you out as a mom. Be authentic, strip back the filters, and share your life as it is. 

If you want to share more of your thoughts and pictures, consider starting a blog or keeping a journal to help you chronicle your journey through motherhood.

8. Do Not Be Afraid To Ask For Help 

As super mom, you probably saw this tip and did a double-take. Yes— ask for help, especially if you are a tired mom. It is not a sign of weakness; rather, it is a sign of strength. Admitting that you cannot do it all on your own is not failure— it is exactly the opposite. 

Reach out to your parent, friend, or neighbor for a much-needed break. Chances are, someone is more than willing to help out if you ask. Have them help with laundry, dinner, or babysitting while you go out for a day on your own or a date night with your partner. 

You are not alone. Remember, it takes a village to raise a child. 

9. Get Adequate Sleep 

Getting adequate sleep can be a real game-changer. Not only can it improve your mood and boost your immune system, but it can also help you think more clearly, and improve your drive to get things done. 

If you are a tired mom and are having trouble getting to sleep at night, try creating a night time routine. Take a warm bath or shower, light a candle or diffuse some essential oils, invest in a new mattress or some new bedding, put on some soft music, and turn the lights down as you relax after a long day. 

10. Create A Checklist 

Create a checklist. This will help you keep things organized, on track, and moving. You can track everything from doctor’s appointments to ballgames and those last-minute grocery items needing to be picked up. 

By keeping a to-do list, you will streamline everything that needs to be done, and maybe even make some time for yourself. 

Bonus tip: Schedule out time for yourself or with your partner. These things are often neglected in the midst of taking care of your kids, so putting them on your list may help you prioritize them and make them actually happen. 


These are just a few things you should know before applying these tips. First, do what works for you. Second, be realistic about the changes you are making. Third, try your best and stick to it. 

Of course, it would be amazing if you could work all of these tips in, but understand that changing your mindset and habits takes time. Incorporate what you can and give yourself grace.

Remember, you have the hardest job on earth. Know that you are seen, understood, and loved just as you are. Keep up the great work, Mama!

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