16 Summer Outdoor Activities for Kids

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It’s summertime, the temperatures are climbing, and the sun is shining. So instead of having your kids playing video games inside, getting them outdoors is a great idea.

If you are short on ideas, this article will give you 16 great summer outdoor activities for kids.

Summer Outdoor Activities for Kids

1. Swimming

Swimming is perhaps the best summer outdoor activity of all, so it’s really one that we cannot ignore. There’s nothing better than a cool dip in the pool when it’s hot.

Perhaps you live near a lake, have an actual pool, or just a kiddie pool. The bottom line is that kids love playing in the water. It provides hours of fun, and it’s a great way to cool down.

2. Water Gun Fight

If swimming is not an option, having a water gun fight certainly is. Water gun fights, especially with those big and powerful water guns, are something that kids always love.

It’s a great way to pass the time, get your kids up and moving, and burn off some energy. Kids will spend countless hours running around the backyard, blasting each other with their water guns. There’s also the fact that it helps your kids stay cool during those hot summer months as well.

This is a great activity for parents to take part in as well.

3. Scavenger Hunt

Yet another tremendous outdoor summer activity for kids is a scavenger hunt, especially if you have a large property to work with. You can hide an array of items throughout the property.

Create a treasure map or list of clues that will direct your child to find each item. If you want to make things interesting, hide a new clue with each item as to the whereabouts of the next item.

Of course, it helps if the final item is some kind of grand prize. Children love scavenger hunts when some sort of prize is involved.

4. Making a Photo Journal

Making a photography journal is another excellent activity your kids can do during the summer. Let your child use either a smartphone or a camera and instruct them to go around the property and take pictures of various items. For example, you could tell your child to take photos of different birds, insects, animals, and other things.

You can print these photos and create a journal or scrapbook. It’s an excellent way to keep your kids busy, and it can make great summertime memories.

5. Watermelon Seed Spitting

This is a unique outdoor summer activity for kids. Summer is all about tasty and refreshing treats that keep you cool. There is perhaps nothing better than watermelon on a hot day. Now, instead of letting the watermelon seeds go to waste, your kids can have a contest with them – a watermelon seed spitting contest. The objective is to spit the watermelon seeds as far as possible. You can even provide the winner with a prize of some sort.

6. Make an Obstacle Course

Another great summer activity for kids is to make an obstacle course. To create the course, you can use various items, such as hula hoops, boxes, chairs, jump ropes, and whatever else you can find.

You can build the first obstacle course for your child. Then, if your child is creative, you can get them to make changes to the obstacle course. The objective is to complete the obstacle course as quickly as possible.

It’s an excellent summer outdoor activity for multiple kids as they can compete with each other. A good prize for the winner is always called for.

7. Volleyball or Balloon Volleyball

Volleyball is always a good option if you want to get your kids up and moving. However, volleyball can be slightly difficult, especially for young kids. For this reason, you can replace the volleyball with a balloon.

A balloon is much easier to deal with as it stays afloat much longer. It’s also much lighter and easier for kids to handle.

Set up a small volleyball court and have your kids play. It will keep them busy, and it will burn off plenty of energy.

8. Paper Boat Race

Suppose you live near a stream or small river. If so, a paper boat race can provide competition and loads of entertainment. In addition, you can have your children design their own paper boats before they get to racing.

Children can spend countless hours designing various paper boats and still not get bored. There are endless design options.

A big part of this will be figuring out what floats and what does not. Then, when your children have created their final boats, they can race them down the stream. It can be pretty exhilarating.

Summer Outdoor Activities for Kids

9. Sidewalk Chalk

You’ve probably seen driveways and sidewalks full of chalk drawings. These are made with sidewalk chalk, which is large and thick colored chalk.

Kids love playing with them as they make art really easy and fun.

It’s a good way to get your kids outdoors, to kill a few hours, and keep them entertained as well. Moreover, this can also help get their creative juices flowing. They could even use that chalk to create a hopscotch board and then play hopscotch.

10. Body Painting

Body painting is a great outdoor summer activity for creative kids who love getting messy. Your kids will use body paints to paint either themselves or their friends.

Your kids can recreate famous cartoon or movie characters with their paint. But, of course, this is messy, and you’ll need to hose your kids down when they’re done painting.

11. That Sprinkler

If you don’t have a pool, but your kids want to cool down, you can get out the lawn sprinkler. Sometimes there’s nothing better than running back and forth through that cool water coming out of the sprinkler. It might not seem entertaining for adults, but kids really seem to love it.

12. Mini Golf

You can always take your kids to a mini-golf course. However, you might not have a mini-golf course around or might just not have any energy to leave the house.

If this is the case, you can always create your own miniature mini-golf course in the backyard.

You can use various items such as pool noodles, tubes, cups, boxes, and more. The objective is to create at least a 9-hole mini-golf course that your kids can then play.

13. A Nature Walk Collage

Here’s a two-part outdoor summer activity for kids. First, take your kids on a nature walk. It obviously helps if you live in a rural or wooded setting. While on this walk, they will collect various items, such as leaves, sticks, flowers, and whatever they find interesting. When you get back home, you and your kids can make a collage out of those various items.

14. Have a Picnic

A great summer outdoor activity for kids is to take them on a picnic at the park. You can take them to a local park with a playground and other children’s activities. Then when your children are tired and hungry from running around, you can spread a blanket on the ground, open up your picnic basket and eat together.

15. Water Balloon Fight

Yes, it’s summertime, so we need to include a water balloon fight. So fill up a few dozen small water balloons, put them in buckets, and let your kids get to it.

They’ll have fun running around, ducking and dodging, and throwing water balloons at each other.

16. Ice Block Sculptures

Another great summertime activity for kids is making ice block sculptures. Fill various containers full of water,  add some food coloring, and freeze them. Once they’re frozen, put these colored ice blocks outside and let your kids go to work.

They can assemble the blocks in various ways to create things like statues. They may also use little tools to make miniature ice carvings. It can pass a few hours, and it’s also a great way to stay cool.

Final Thoughts

Of course, I’ve only scratched the surface of the many possible summer outdoor activities for your kids. That said, if it’s summertime, water is usually involved.

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