13 Rainy Day Activities for Kids

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Dealing with kids on a rainy day can be pretty stressful. They can’t go outside, so they have tons of energy.

Watching TV is fine for a couple of hours, but it doesn’t burn off any energy. You want your kids away from the TV, and you want them tired by bedtime.

This article describes 13 rainy day activities for kids. These will keep them busy, get their creativity flowing, and burn some energy.

13 Super Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids of All Ages

1. Build a TV, Star in a TV Show

A great rainy day activity for a child is to build their own TV set. Sure, your kids could just watch the TV you already have, but where’s the fun in that?

Kids generally love TV, so building their own set should be fun. Your child will need a large cardboard box, scissors, and markers.

What’s cool is that your kids can then get inside the TV and pretend to star in their own TV show. Of course, the more kids you have around, the more fun this will be.

You can take this one step further by tasking your child to create their own TV show and script. You and the whole family can then enjoy watching your children become stars.

2. Painting a Wall

If you are in the process of painting your house, it’s an excellent opportunity for your kids to get involved, especially if they love art. For example, you can ask your children to paint one wall in a room.

You can give them creative freedom and let them paint any way they want. Maybe they like solid colors; perhaps they like patterns or want to get really creative. It’s probably best to let them do this in their own room.

You might not want to give your child 100% creative freedom when it comes to your family’s living room. But, if they paint their own room, they can take joy in their accomplishment every morning when they wake up.

3. Make a Hopscotch Board

Hopscotch is one of those timeless games that really never goes out of fashion, and it’s an activity that can be geared towards girls or boys.

Therefore, if you have girls or boys in the house, this is a perfect rainy day project. All you need to create a DIY hopscotch board is an old piece of carpet, some paint, and some chalk.

Take that old piece of carpet and draw the hopscotch board on it. Your children can then spend hours playing hopscotch indoors.

4. Tie-Dye is Always Fun

Tie-dye is another activity that kids love. All you need are some buckets, water, tie-dye coloring, and T-shirts. Technically, you can tie-dye any piece of fabric quite easily.

This is a project that will let your kids get really creative with color schemes and patterns. It also allows them to create their own clothing they can enjoy wearing.

It can be a bit messy, and many would do this outdoors. However, if you have some spare space and floors that aren’t carpeted, it can be an excellent indoor activity.

5. Make an Indoor Fort

A great rainy day activity for kids is to make an indoor fort. Forts give them somewhere to hide and to get a bit of privacy. Moreover, it’s something that they can turn into their own little space.

It’s an excellent rainy day activity because your kids can use any materials they want. Of course, couch cushions and pillows are the go-to options. However, your kids can get really creative here.

Alternatively, your kids can create their own little indoor campsite and then pretend to have a campfire.

6. Make an Indoor Movie Theater

Another indoor activity for kids on rainy days is to make an indoor movie theater. There’s no denying the fact that kids love watching TV and movies. Therefore, creating an indoor movie theater is always a favorite option.

You will need a small projector, and you can make a pretty extensive movie theater-style screen. The bigger the screen, the more enjoyable the experience.

Your kids can choose a wall to turn into the projector screen in their room. They can then set up seating and make a small makeshift snack bar. What’s also cool about this makeshift movie theater project is that parents can enjoy it as well.

7. Play Board Games

We couldn’t leave board games off the list of rainy day activities. Board games are always great fun, and they eat up hours. Also, if you have more than one child, board games are ideal.

Most board games can be played by up to four kids, so it’s an excellent way to keep them all busy. Furthermore, the choices of board games are virtually endless. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of different board games to choose from.

For example, a simple game of Monopoly can take a couple hours to complete and is always great fun. Board games are social, and they might actually teach your kids something too.

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

8. Write a Play

Writing a play can be a good rainy day project if you have creative kids. But, of course, the more kids you have, the more actors you can have starring in the play.

This is an excellent way to keep your kids busy and encourage their creativity. In addition, writing their own play will get their creative juices flowing.

As parents, this is also a great deal of fun. Once your kids have written their script, they can dress up appropriately. It’s always fun to watch your kids acting out a script and having lots of fun.

9. Baking Some Sweets

Whether five or 50 years old, sweet treats are always called for. This is no more the case than on a rainy day. Instead of eating store-bought snacks, you and your kids can make your own.

Introducing kids to baking and cooking is great to do at a young age. It can teach them to be self-sufficient, and it helps get their creativity flowing. When it’s done, you and your kids also get to enjoy a tasty treat.

10. Science Experiments

Another good rainy day activity for kids is any kind of science experiment. Of course, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of child-friendly science experiments they can do. Making a volcano is a grand experiment that can take up time.

The kids can build the volcano with papier-mache from newspaper and paste or starch. Once it’s dry, they can paint it to look like a real volcano. Then, with some basic baking soda and vinegar, they can make the volcano erupt.

There are so many science experiments kids can do at home. Do a little internet research on additional child-friendly experiments. You can also get a science experiment kit for your kids that usually comes with different experiments.

11. Have a Scavenger Hunt

Kids always love a good scavenger hunt. The cool thing about scavenger hunts is that you can make a list really long. So if you need to keep your kids busy all day, you can put literally dozens of items on the scavenger hunt list.

Your child must then search the house to find all the items. If you have more than one child, or your kids have their friends over, you can divide them into teams and pit one team against the other. At the end of the hunt – you can set a time limit – the team with the most found items wins.

12. Have a Fashion Show

Kids who love trying on new clothes and showing them off could stage a  home fashion show. Then, they can dress up, walk the runway, and have the judge give them scores. But, of course, you will be the judge. This can be a whole lot of fun for parents, too; getting your kids to dress up in various ways can be pretty entertaining.

13. Have a Dance-Off

Rainy days probably mean that your kids have plenty of energy. They’ve been sitting around and haven’t been able to burn off that energy.

Therefore, a dance-off or dance party is a great rainy day activity. Dancing lets your kids be creative, and it will help burn off that energy. Even better, you can dance along with your kids.


As you can see, there are plenty of things that can keep your kids busy on a rainy day. We covered 13 rainy day activities for kids, but you can find many more with a bit of research.

The only thing your kids are limited by is their own imagination. But, with a little bit of ingenuity and some support from you, your kids shouldn’t have much trouble staying busy on a rainy day.

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