12 Fun Garden Activities For Kids

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Summertime is coming, which means you will have your kids at home for a few months. You obviously love your kids, but having them inside all day isn’t ideal.

Getting your kids outdoors in the backyard or the garden will keep them busy and keep you sane. That said, what are your kids going to do outside? Today, we’re going to look at 12 fun garden activities for kids.

12 Awesome Garden Activities For Kids

We know that kids have different interests, so I’ve done my best to feature diverse activities. This way, you should be able to find a few that your kids will like.

1. Building a Fairy Garden

One thing I once did with my young kids was make a fairy garden. There are many different fairy garden versions, and some people also make gnome gardens.

I really liked doing this because it lets your child get their creativity out. It also makes for an excellent conversation piece in the backyard when you have people over.

Your kids will create a miniature garden that consists of tiny fairy houses, fairy figurines, and other things. They can use rocks, sticks, various plants, and more to create a so-called village. It’s a cool activity that kids really like.1

Moreover, you can do this with your kids over a long period. You can keep adding more gnomes, fairies, or elves or add new features to the “village.” This is perhaps one of the best garden activities for kids because it lets them use their hands and creativity.

2. Making Bird Houses or Bird Feeders

Another excellent gardening activity is to make either a birdhouse or a bird feeder. I love this one because I love having birds in my backyard. My children and I made a bird feeder for hummingbirds because, let’s face it, hummingbirds are awesome. We also love to watch the cardinals, which was their grandfather’s (aka Poppy’s) favorite bird.

That said, there are many bird feeders and birdhouses that you can make. You can make straightforward ones from simple materials or bust out your woodworking tools and make a full-scale birdhouse.

If you’re making a full-scale birdhouse using woodworking tools, this is something that will require adult supervision.

However, it is an excellent way to get your kids to use their hands, be creative, and learn a few woodworking skills. It’s also a great way to build your child’s confidence because they can see the end result − a beautiful, functional handmade birdhouse.

3. Making a Garden Fort

Kids always love making forts. Forts are really cool because kids turn them into their own little castles or play areas. This is another garden activity that enables your child to put their creativity to use.

They have to design their fort, gather the materials, and build it. It’s also an excellent way to use various scrap materials lying around. Your child can use sticks, rocks, old doors, planters, etc. A summer fort will provide your child with an area to play in and host their friends.

When I was a child, my father and I built a large backyard fort that my friends and I hung out in for hours. I even had a few sleepovers in my homemade backyard garden fort.

4. Backyard Garden Camping

If your kids love spending time outdoors, you can consider outdoor garden camping. Sure, camping may be more fun if you go to a campground and have access to all of the amenities. However, this might not be possible.

Your backyard might do if your child wants a weekend camping trip. Your child can set up a tent or even build a fort in your yard or garden and then camp there for the night.

You can arrange various activities or set up a little movie center. The point is to recreate a campsite in your backyard. Kids love this, especially if you make a small fire pit and roast some marshmallows.

This is a great summertime activity, especially when the nights are warm. It’s a great way to bond with your kids because you can have a little backyard sleepover with them. Just make sure that you get a tent that’s large enough for everybody.

5. Making a Firepit

Another excellent outdoor garden activity for you and the kids is to make an outdoor fire pit if you have a large enough garden area. This is one of my favorite ideas, and building a fire pit is not as hard as you think.

Simply dig a small hole and remove the grass; set up some rocks in a circle, and maybe add a grate to do some grilling on. It’s really not very difficult at all. However, it can be fun, especially when using the end result. There is also the fact that kids love fire. Kids love building a fire, watching it, and roasting marshmallows over it.

However, this activity will require adult supervision, but it’s a great way to bond with your kids. What could be better than building a fire pit with your kids and cooking over it? It will complement the outdoor camping area you created.

6. Setting Up an Outdoor Garden Movie Theater

Another fantastic garden activity for you and your kids is to set up an outdoor movie theater. Admittedly, this will take a bit of work and money. After all, you will need a small projector screen and a projector.

However, you can set up the projector screen along the fence line if you have a good fence. Your kids can create a cool little seating area with some garden seats. You could also have this next to your outdoor fire pit.

This is an excellent activity for families that love watching movies together. Watching a movie outdoors can really change your perspective, something I discovered several years ago. I set up a small outdoor movie theater with my kids, and we’ve been watching movies nearly every weekend since.

Fun Garden Activities For Kids

7. Setting Up a Garden Snack Bar

Creating a small outdoor snack bar is another great activity if your kids like being outside all day. This way, your kids can go get their own snacks whenever they’re outside instead of having to come inside to bug you to make them something.

An outdoor snack bar could be made out of many things; your kids’ imagination is the limit. Nevertheless, it’s a cool thing for kids and parents to do together.

8. Create Some Flower Art

One of my favorite outdoor activities is making flower art, which is something that helps me relax. It’s also something that I like to get my kids to do. Gardening helps keep the kids busy on those long summer days when they don’t have school. Moreover, it also keeps them outdoors and allows them to be creative.

Now, when I talk about flower art, I mean planting small flowers so that they create an image or design. You may have seen professional flower installations where giant pictures or even words were spelled out − this is what I am talking about.

Moreover, this will take a bit of planning and skill and the right flowers and color combinations. However, this is perhaps one of the coolest ideas out there.

9. Make a Small Tree Orchard

A small tree orchard is another activity that involves gardening. Again, you will need a good deal of space in your backyard or garden. However, there is rarely anything more beautiful than a tree orchard when the trees are in bloom.

This is a long-term investment because trees take a long time to grow. However, if you and your kids make a small tree orchard when they are young, those trees will have reached substantial heights by the time they are teenagers.

You can even harvest the fruits once they flower if you get fruit trees. There are many different trees that you can put in a tree orchard. A good idea is to start with a few small apple trees and then go from there. You could keep adding new trees as the years go on.

10. Set Up a Garden Fountain or Koi Pond

A few years ago, something else I did was make a small outdoor koi pond. However, this is another project that will require adult assistance and supervision; obviously, your child cannot build a pond on their own, but they can certainly help as you make the pond.

This is another excellent family bonding activity. It might be a relatively lengthy and challenging process, but it is doable. Moreover, it is fun because of the many different steps involved.

You have to decide where to make the koi pond, how large to make it, decorate it, and even which fish you want. You can have your child be a part of the decision-making process as this will help build their confidence. In the end, you’ll have a beautiful koi pond to enjoy.

11. Do a Garden Scavenger Hunt

My kids have always loved scavenger hunts, so I think that a garden scavenger hunt is a good idea. You can hide various items behind flowers, under bushes, under flower pots, and in many other locations.

A scavenger hunt is an excellent activity for a group of kids on a warm summer day. It’s also something you can set up and then forget about. You can go inside and let your kids do the scavenger hunt as you take care of business indoors. Kids always love scavenger hunts because there’s always a surprise at the end, and it can keep them busy for a few hours.

12. Painting Garden Stones

Painting garden stones is another neat yet simple garden activity for your kids to do. You likely have rocks and stones forming your garden walls; they are good dividers and great decorations.

You can give your child waterproof paints and have them paint those stones any way they want. It’s an excellent way for your child to get creative, and it can add a certain flair to your garden.

Final Thoughts

These are 12 great garden activities for kids and parents alike. However, I realize I haven’t included many activities that involve actual gardening. This a whole other topic that can be explored. However, as you can see, there are plenty of activities your kids can do in and around the garden that are just as much fun!

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