15 Great Family Art Projects

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Art is something that helps everyone get creative and keep the kids busy. It allows you to get rid of some emotions too. So let’s take a look at 15 excellent family art projects for everybody!

14 Best Family Art Projects

1. Making Bird Feeders

A great family art project is to make bird feeders. All you need to make bird feeders are popsicle sticks, straight sticks, and twigs.

You then just need to glue them together. Next, ensure that your bird feeder can actually hold bird food. You can also attach sticks as footrests or perches for those little birdies.

What’s cool about making your own bird feeders is that you can enjoy all of the different birds that come to feed on it. In addition, you can have everyone make a different style bird feeder.

2. Making Birdhouses

If you want to take things one step further, you can make a birdhouse with the whole family. We’re talking about using wood, not just popsicle sticks. You will need wood, nails, a hammer, and maybe some paint. You and the kids can make this birdhouse as large or small as you want.

What’s also cool is that your kids can then paint and decorate it any way they want. Of course, this then also lets you enjoy the birds that come to rest in their new little home.

3. Shadow Portraits

A really cool family art project is to make shadow portraits. Tape a piece of paper onto a wall. Then, shine a light at your head, so it creates a shadow. You want this shadow to be cast on a large piece of paper or canvas.

Someone else will trace your head. So you can leave it at that, or you can have your kids fill those heads in and get really creative.

The shadow portrait can be extremely large or small, depending on how far your head is from the canvas. Having a family shadow portrait installation on the wall will be a talking point for anybody who visits.

4. All Sorts of Painting

I will keep this quite general, but any type of painting is a great art activity for the whole family – oil paint, water paint, or even fingerpaint. You can paint on paper, cardboard, canvas, or anything else. They can wear one of your old shirts to protect their clothes from getting messy.

Moreover, you and your kids can paint scenery, portraits, or anything else. Painting is fun; it’s creative, and it can be a little messy too.

Younger kids love fingerpainting. Just be sure to have them work in an area where it won’t matter if it gets paint on it. You might want them to use water-based paint to make cleanup easier.  

5. Making a DIY Vanity Mirror

Another excellent family art project is making a DIY mirror vanity mirror. For this project, you will need an existing mirror. Then, you and your kids can decorate it any way you want. For instance, you could decorate the perimeter of the mirror with family pictures or perhaps seashells from a family trip to the beach.

6. Creating a Family Scrapbook

Making a scrapbook is always a good family art project. Take old pictures, mementos, and more, and organize them into a scrapbook. This allows you and your family to choose the best memories you want to preserve for the rest of time.

Scrapbooking once a month will keep your scrapbook updated. Then, decades down the road, it will serve as a reminder of all of the great memories you had. It’s also a really creative project that can occupy your children’s time.

7. Making a Family Cookbook

Perhaps one of the most unique art projects is making a family cookbook. Parents and children can choose their favorite recipes for the cookbook.

Write out the recipes and include them. Even better is if you cook the recipes and take pictures of them. You can then include the images in the recipe book along with the written instructions.

This involves multiple forms of art: visual art – making the cookbook, and cooking, which I will explain more below.

8. Cooking and Baking

Like I mentioned above cooking and baking, even without making a cookbook, is a great way to incorporate art into the home. Art doesn’t just have to be painting or drawing; cooking is an art form, especially if you create your own recipes or tweak existing recipes. Each ingredient is like the stroke of the brush.

You can use icing to decorate your creations if you’re making cakes or cookies. Create a theme, such as animals, for decorating cookies, and see what your kids turn out.

Not only will this allow you to get creative, but it also results in some delicious meals. You can then add all of your new creations to the DIY cookbook we talked about above.

Great Family Art Projects

9. Composing Your Own Music

This is an excellent family art project if you are musically inclined. Of course, you’re not going to be composing your own music if you can’t play instruments or read music. In terms of getting the creative juices flowing, this is one of the best family art projects.

The family can spend days or literally months composing a piece of music. You might not be the next Mozart or Beethoven, but you can still create a pretty cool piece of music.

10. Macaroni Art

Ah yes, macaroni art! Take some colorful construction paper, dried elbow macaroni, and some glue. This is a really creative art project for the whole family.

What’s cool about macaroni art is that you can make it three-dimensional by gluing and stacking the macaroni elbows on top of each other. So when it comes to art projects that kids love, this is always a go-to option.

11. DIY Jewelry Boxes

Another excellent family art project is making jewelry boxes. You can purchase your own little wooden boxes with hinged lids for this purpose.

That said, if you want to take things one step further, you can also engage in a bit of woodworking. For example, you can use some scrap wood, screws, and hinges to make your own little jewelry boxes.

Even better is that they can then be decorated any way you and your kids want. Here, you can make small individual jewelry boxes for each person in your family.

12. DIY Pencil Holder

If you have a lot of pens and pencils lying around, this is a good family art project. Here, everybody can make their own DIY pencil holder.

Take a cup or an old tin can, and string some yarn vertically from top to bottom. Create as many vertical lines with the yarn as you can. You’ll then take other colored yarn and weave them horizontally between those vertical lines.

There are, of course, many other ways to make DIY pencil holders, including construction paper and even paint.

13. Making Hand Turkeys

The classic family art project is to make hands turkeys. Simply put your hand on a piece of paper and trace it.

You can then draw the rest of the turkey parts onto the tracing of your hand. What’s cool is that you can make one large project with a hand turkey from everybody. The result is a hand turkey family portrait.

14. Pass the Drawing

Perhaps one of the most fun family art projects is pass the drawing. One person starts by making a small drawing – something simple and basic. The drawing is then passed to the next person, who adds their own element to the drawing. This drawing gets passed around until everybody has added their own element.

In the end, you have a family drawing that everybody has contributed to.

15. Bead Necklaces and Bead Art

Making bead necklaces and bracelets is a fun activity. But, you can take things one step further and add intricate pendants to scarves and blankets with beads and string.

Like macaroni art, you can also glue beads to construction paper to make bead art.

The Bottom Line

These are just a few art projects for the whole family. You can hit the internet for additional art projects to keep the kids occupied and encourage their creativity.

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