12 DIY Projects for the Family

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If you and the family are bored, you can do many DIY projects. So, instead of sitting around watching TV, you can get your kids’ creative juices flowing.

You might even be able to build some pretty cool things that you can then use for years. So today, I want to look at 12 DIY projects for the family.

The pandemic has made us spend time indoors, so we will focus on outdoor DIY projects. So let’s get the kids up and moving, away from the TV, and into the great outdoors.

DIY Projects for the Family

1. Make Pallet Planters

A cool DIY project is to make planters out of old pallets. This is a great one if you have old pallets lying around.

Instead of throwing them out, repurpose them into planters. Then, all you need is a saw, a hammer, and some nails, plus soil, seeds, or seedlings.

The cool thing about pallet planters is that you can make them as large as you want. Your kids can paint and decorate them any way they want. It’s something to help get your kids’ creative juices flowing.

2. Make a Herb Garden

Another cool DIY project for the family is to make a herb garden. You can even use the pallet planters you made above for this herb garden. A herb garden is a great DIY family project because it’s ongoing. It will require constant maintenance, so it will keep you and your family busy beyond just creating it. It’s also a nice thing to have if you like to cook.

Instead of spending money on herbs, you can grow them and use them at their freshest. It’s much more cost-effective, plus you know exactly what goes into growing your herbs. In addition, it’s an excellent way to ensure that your family is actually eating organic and healthy.

3. Make a DIY Fire Pit

Making a fire pit is another project if you have a large backyard. It will take some work, but it’s not too difficult.

You’ll need a shovel, some bricks or rocks, and that’s about it. Of course, you can always go beyond and make a barbecue pit by adding a grate to grill on and some bricks to hold the grate

This is a DIY project that will keep you busy all afternoon. Moreover, it’s something that you can use daily. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than sitting around a campfire roasting some marshmallows with the family. It’s a great way to bring the campsite to your backyard.

4. Building an Outdoor Fort

Building an outdoor fort is an excellent project if you have kids who love being outside. Also, it’s the perfect outdoor DIY project if you live by a wooded area and have logs lying around.

To begin with, gather as many logs and sticks as you can find and start building the fort. The cool thing is that you can have your children design this fort. You can have it look more like a cabin, a hanging tent, a teepee, or anything they can come up with. It will make an excellent place for your kids to hang out during the day.

5. Build a Treehouse

This project is a little more labor-intensive than building an outdoor fort. However, kids love tree houses. Even adults enjoy a good treehouse, especially building it.

You will need some lumber and tools for this project. That said, a well-built treehouse will last for years, or even decades. It’s something that you and your family can take pride in building together. In addition, you can make your treehouse any way your kids want. However, you also need to have a good, sturdy tree!

6. Make a Sandbox

Kids love playing in the sand, so why not build a sandbox? Instead of paying a professional to install a sandbox, you can create one that fits any budget.

It’s a great family project because your kids get to build what they will later enjoy. You just need to build a wooden frame and fill it with sand.

You can use an old kiddie swimming pool to make things even easier and fill it with sand. It’s a relatively easy family DIY project that will produce hours of fun.

DIY Projects for the Family

7. Build a Tire Teeter Totter

You likely remember playing on a teeter-totter as a child yourself. Too bad you usually have to go to the park to play on one.

However, you can build your own teeter-totter using a few spare pieces of equipment. The most important part of the equation is a tire, which needs to be cut in half.

This will form the base, to which you then attach a board as a seat. Then, attach some handles to the board, and you’ve got a DIY backyard teeter-totter.

8. Build a Tree Swing

A tree swing is yet another excellent family DIY project. First, of course,  you need to have a tree with a branch strong enough to hold the swing.

Then, all you need is some rope and a board to form a seat. If you want to take things up a notch, you can use a tire to make a tire swing. Some people might even turn that tire into something else.

For example, you could use some spare rubber to fashion that tire into something like a makeshift horse. It allows you to be creative when building it. Plus, it will provide your children with tons of fun.

9. Build an Outdoor Bench or Bed

The next DIY project will allow you to relax in the sun; we are talking about building your own makeshift bench or outdoor bed.

You will need some cinderblocks, some 4×4 boards, and a few pillows. Space out the cinder blocks according to the length of the boards you have.

Then, create a base out of the cinder blocks. Stack four of them side-by-side vertically and put two more on top horizontally.

Pass the boards through the holes in the cinder blocks to make the frame. You can then put your pillows on top as desired. But, of course, you could take this one step further and sew and decorate your own pillows.

10. Building a Hammock

Another cool outdoor DIY family project is building a hammock. All you need to build a hammock is a good piece of fabric and some rope or cord.

There are many ways to make your own hammock, and we recommend researching tutorials for ideas on hammock types and how to do it.

11. Setting Up a Backyard Movie Theater

One of our favorite DIY projects is a backyard movie theater for the family. The most important thing you will need is a small projector and some white paper or a large white cloth to create a screen.

You can set up seating as desired, and maybe even a little snack bar. It’s one of the more expensive projects on the list because of the projector. However, the only thing you really need to do is build the screen.

It’s a cool option because, depending on the size of your backyard, you can make a pretty large projector screen. So you might be able to make your backyard feel like a real outdoor movie theater.

12. Make Your Own Hanging Candlelight Lanterns

You can also make small lanterns with your family. We think this is a fantastic idea because you can hang these lanterns around your fire pit, movie theater, or anywhere else you want. These lanterns will complement many of the other DIY family projects we’ve talked about.

All you need are glass mason jars, some rocks, string, and tealight candles.

The cool thing is that you can decorate the mason jars in any way you want. You can even draw cool patterns on them that will cause the lanterns to create interesting shadows and dance in the wind.

Final Thoughts

Although I have covered 12 great DIY projects for the family, there are so many more you can find with a bit of internet research. Generally speaking, the only limit you have with these DIY projects is your own imagination.

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