9 DIY Cardboard Box Ideas for Kids

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Having fun doesn’t mean spending money on fancy toys. It also doesn’t mean you must let your kids watch TV and play video games all day.

DIY crafts for your kids can keep their hands and minds busy and maybe even be educational. This article discusses DIY cardboard box ideas for kids.

If you have cardboard boxes laying around you don’t need anymore, there are many incredible crafts and activities they can be used for. Let’s look at some of the best DIY cardboard box ideas for kids.

Fun DIY Cardboard Box Ideas for Kids

These are easy yet fun DIY cardboard box ideas, things that can be both fun and educational at the same time.

1. A DIY Cardboard City Road

Making a DIY road is one of the easiest things you can make with a cardboard box. First, take the cardboard box or boxes and unfold them so they are flat. Your aim is to create a large rectangular surface.

Then, place them together so they form one large surface. Then, with a marker, draw various roads.

Your kids will love driving up and down these roads with toy cars. You can add building blocks, animals, and other toys to create an entire miniature city. Your children will love creating their own cityscape they can drive around in.

2. Make a Painted Box Cake

Another fantastic activity with old cardboard boxes is a DIY painted box cake. This activity will require boxes of different sizes. The aim is to have your children stack the boxes on top of each other to create something that resembles a wedding cake.

This activity involves using watercolors to paint the boxes. Your kids can decorate their box cake any way they want. It’s an excellent way to get your kids outside, get rid of old boxes, and get their creative juices flowing. It’s a bit messy, but it’s something multiple kids can do.

3. Make a Cardboard Box Castle

One favorite thing that kids do with an old cardboard box is make a castle. Whether a little boy who wants to be a knight in shining armor or a little girl that wants to be a princess, this is always a great activity.

For this activity, you will need a cardboard box your child can fit inside, as they will be using it as a castle. You can use string and cut open one side of the box to make a drawbridge.

Scrap pieces of other boxes can be used to decorate the castle, make walls and towers, etc. You could even take this one step further and give your child some paint or other drawing materials to create a realistic replica of a medieval castle. The activity will eat up a bit of time, plus your kids will love playing in their cardboard box castle.

4. Have a Cardboard Box Television Production

If your kids like being dramatic and putting on shows, a great idea is to have them put on their own plays, or in this case, television shows.

Take an old box and decorate it like a television. For aesthetic purposes, we recommend that you go a bit old school here—making one that looks like a 1990s TV, with volume and channel knobs.

You can cut away the front of the box, so your kids can get inside. Then, they can pretend that they are starring in their own television drama. Kids love building things and often love acting out their fantasies, making this a perfect DIY cardboard box idea to consider.

5. Make a DIY Cardboard Box Car

Kids love seeing their parents drive and then recreating it. Kids always want to do what their parents do, and driving is one of those things. So making a cardboard box car could be a great idea if you want to fuel their imaginations.

Take a relatively small cardboard box—something large enough for your child to comfortably sit in—this will be the car. You can use various objects, such as paper plates, to make a steering wheel and wheels and bottle caps to make a dashboard.

It doesn’t have to be overly fancy, and of course, it won’t be super realistic, but your child will have fun pretending they are driving their own car. The cool thing about this DIY cardboard box project is that it is very versatile—you and your child can create any vehicle you want.

DIY Cardboard Box Ideas for Kids

6. Create a Cardboard Box Robot Costume

Another cool thing you and your kids can do with old cardboard boxes makes a robot costume. So if Halloween is coming, and your child doesn’t know what they want to dress up as, and you want something new and exciting, this could be it.

You will need a few cardboard boxes and extra scraps. Use a large box as the body; cut open a smaller box to make a robot head your child can wear, make some shoulder and knee pads from scrap cardboard, etc.

The cool thing about this DIY cardboard box project is that you and your child can make any kind of robot and decorate it accordingly. Then, once the robot has been made, your child can act out their wildest fantasies.

7. Create a Car Matching Parking Lot

The following DIY cardboard box idea is more of an educational project. You will be creating a small parking lot using a cardboard box. You can build walls, draw parking spaces, and then number them.

Then, create a second section to house some of the cars when they are not being parked. Then, label the cars with numbers.

The objective is to get your child to park toy cars in the spots that correspond with the numbers on the vehicles. The larger the parking lot and the more toy cars your kid has, the better this DIY cardboard box idea will turn out.

8. Make an Easel and Paint

Making an easel is something very simple that you can do with a cardboard box for your kids. You use nothing more than a box, some tape, and maybe some glue. Use clips on the top to hold your paper or canvas in place.

Then, give your child paint or colors, and let them get to work. It’s simple but will also keep your child busy for hours.

Another option is to simply use the whole cardboard box as a canvas. For example, your child could make a collage or mural on a large cardboard box, which they may even end up setting up as a decoration.

9. Make a DIY Cardboard Box Aquarium

One of the coolest DIY cardboard box activities for kids is to make a cardboard aquarium. Maybe your kids love fish and like to build things, or you want to see what an actual aquarium might look like in your home.

You and your kids can cut open a cardboard box to make the interior look like an aquarium. It’s an excellent activity because you can use cardboard scraps to make little fish, plants, and aquarium decorations. You can then even set it up somewhere in your home.

Final Thoughts

Of course, we only scratched the surface because hundreds of other DIY crafts can be made with cardboard boxes. It’s all about letting your imagination run wild.

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