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When it comes to having fun in the summer sun, sometimes there’s just nothing better than a good old water slide. Water slides, however, are quite permanent installations, which is why many people choose to go for inflatable water slides. 

You can inflate them, set them up, and then deflate them once you are done. They’re quite convenient indeed. 

That said, there are tons of inflatable water slides to choose from, too many. This is what I am here to help with today. Let’s get right to it and take a look at the top five contenders for the best inflatable water slide.

Inflatable Water Slide Reviews

1. Deluxe Inflatable Water Slide Park

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I wanted to start things off right, which is why right here, we have an absolutely massive water slide. This thing is quite the behemoth, and it comes with a variety of features that your kids are going to love. It’s certainly not cheap, but it’s also an investment worth making.


Something to keep in mind is that this particular inflatable water slide is, of course, not small. This monster comes in as something like 16 by 12 feet. You do need a good deal of space for it. 

With that being said, this large size does also make it ideal for multiple children. You could have up to five or six children playing on this unit at a single time. It is therefore ideal for parties and gatherings.

Now, this inflatable water slide comes complete with a wide variety of features that your kids are going to love. First of all, it features a large climbing wall in the middle. The climbing wall is hard enough to provide your child with a bit of a challenge, yet easy enough to still maneuver safely.

Then, there are dual waterslides included in this unit. The water slides are actually split into two, with one being on each side of that climbing wall. There is then also quite a large kiddie pool located at the bottom. This catches your child as it comes down the slide, and it’s also fun to just hang out in.

To finish things off, there is then a functioning water cannon. One child can spray the others as they come down the slide. This is one of those features that kids always seem to love.

As for the parents, this water slide is fairly easy to set up. It comes complete with an electric air pump. You just have to plug it in, hook it up, and wait a few minutes. It actually inflates fairly quickly. You also use this pump to deflate the unit, which is just as easy. 

When it is deflated, you can easily store it in the included carrying case. It actually folds down into a fairly small package, so storage shouldn’t be an issue.

Something else that parents are going to love is that this water slide is designed to be extremely durable. It is made out of extremely high-quality, heavy-duty nylon. This material is extremely puncture resistant and can take a whole lot of impact. Unless somebody takes a knife to it, it should be just fine for years to come.

Now, this unit is, of course, not cheap. That said, it is very durable, has many features, and can be used for many years to come. We would consider this a long-term investment worth making for many summers of fun.


  • Very durable material
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Case for easy storage
  • Dual water slides
  • Climbing feature
  • Kiddie pool
  • Water cannon


  • The climbing wall may be too hard for young kids to maneuver
  • It weighs well over 50 pounds

2. AirMyFun Inflatable Waterslide

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Here we’ve got another very large water slide that is ideal for multiple kids to use at once. It’s got enough space for up to four children. It also comes complete with an extremely wide variety of features. 

It is, of course, also not cheap. That said, you get what you pay for. What you get here is a high-quality unit that will provide your kids with a lot of fun.


This is another one of these fairly large inflatable water slides that is going to require a good deal of space to set up. It comes in at nearly 13 by 10 by 7 feet once inflated. This large size does mean that it requires a good deal of space. However, this also means that multiple children, up to four, can play on it at once.

Parents, don’t worry, because it comes with an electric air pump. You just have to plug in the pump, hook it up to the slide, and let it operate for a few minutes. Deflating it is also just as easy. It then also comes with a storage case so you can easily fold it and put it away. 

Getting it in the case isn’t overly easy, but it does fold down into a compact package. It shouldn’t be a problem to store in a small area.

Let’s also keep in mind that this inflatable water slide is made out of a combination of super heavy-duty Oxford materials. It also features double-reinforced scenes for added strength. When it comes down to it, this Oxford material with reinforced scenes is extremely strong. Even very large and heavy kids should not pose a threat to it. Unless somebody intentionally stabs it, it’s just not going to break.

In terms of the actual features, there are certainly plenty of them. First of all, there is a fairly nice climbing while included here. This climbing wall also serves as a small staircase up to the top of the slide. Yes, there is then also a very long slide included here, one which has a small curve. 

At the end of the slide, there is a small waterfall feature that rains down on your kids. At the bottom of the slide, there is then also a fairly large kiddie pool that will catch children as they come down the slide. 

At the same time, this kiddie pool is also ideal for kids to splash around it. This unit is also designed to be extremely safe, as it has mesh surrounding the climbing section, as well as large walls on both sides of the slide.


  • Superior durability
  • Very safe
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Electric pump and storage case included
  • It comes with repair patches
  • Slide, climbing feature, waterfall, and kiddie pool


  • Not overly budget-friendly
  • Heavy
  • It takes up a lot of space 

3. RETRO JUMP Inflatable Water Slide

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Here we have a super bright and colorful inflatable water slide that your children are going to love. It comes complete with a kiddie pool, a water cannon, dual water slides, and a climbing feature too. It might not be overly budget-friendly, but it is durable, user-friendly, and will provide for hours of fun.


This is another water slide that comes loaded to the brim with features that your kids are going to love. Do keep in mind that this is a rather large unit. It comes in at almost 8 feet tall, 5.3 feet wide, and 17.4 feet long. This does, however, mean that the dual water slides are quite long. This is something that kids are going to like. 

Now, it does take up a good deal of space when inflated. However, this large size does also make it ideal for many kids to play on at once. You could have up to four kids playing on this unit at once. 

That said, when it is not inflated, it comes complete with a convenient storage bag. It does actually fold down into a compact size for easy storage.

Speaking of inflation and deflation, it does come complete with a blower. Once plugged in, it takes just a couple of minutes to inflate, and even less time to deflate. It’s certainly quite user-friendly as far as parents are concerned.

Going back to the features, yes, this unit comes complete with dual water slides that are side by side. At the bottom of the water slides, there is then a small kiddie pool that catches your children safely. This is also a good area for kids to simply splash around in.

To get up to the top of the water slide, there are then also two small climbing features located side by side. There is also a soft padded area at the bottom of the climbing feature just in case your child falls. 

To ensure that the water slide is always wet and ready to go, there are then two water sprayers located in the canopy. This does, of course, mean that you need to hook up the water tube to a water connection.

Moreover, this particular inflatable water slide is also made out of extremely durable materials. It’s made out of something similar to super-duty nylon. It is more than durable enough to withstand all of the punishment that your kids could possibly throw its way.


  • Great durability
  • Dual water slides
  • Dual climbing feature
  • Water jets to keep the slide wet
  • Kiddie pool at the bottom
  • Fast to inflate and deflate 
  • Storage bag included


  • Heavy
  • It takes up a lot of space
  • Expensive

4. Deluxe Inflatable Water Slide Park

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Going in the other direction, here we have a smaller and much more affordable inflatable water slide. This one is ideal for one or two kids to play on. It might not be quite as large, but it also comes in at a much lower price. It’s more or less the above unit cut right in half.


This particular water slide comes in at 79 inches by 180 inches, and is 89 inches tall. Now, as you can see, it’s not particularly small, and it will take up some space. With that being said, it is much smaller than any of the other inflatable water slides we have looked at so far today. 

Therefore, if you have limited space to work with, this is a good option. This is also the case if you only have one for two children. One or two kids don’t need an absolutely massive unit to have fun on.

This inflatable water slide still comes with more than enough features for your children to enjoy. First of all, it does come with a fairly large and long water slide. It actually has quite a steep incline, so your kids are going to have a lot of fun on that. Keep in mind that the water slide does also have water jets located at the top. This is designed, so the water slide stays lubricated for your kids.

At the bottom of the water slide, there is then a 55-inch long kiddie pool. For one, this keeps your child safe as it comes down the slide. 

Second, it’s also a good place to just have a bit of fun in. At the very edge of the kiddie pool, there is then also a water cannon. Your kids can spray each other as they come down the slide.

To get up to the top of the slide, there is then also a small climbing feature. This is also something that kids tend to really like. As I said, it is more or less the above unit cut in half. Instead of two climbing features and two slides side-by-side, this one just features a single slide and climbing feature.

To make sure that this unit is as durable as possible, it is made out of highly puncture-resistant synthetic fabric. This is actually very heavy-duty nylon, which is about as tough as it gets. It also comes complete with reinforced stitching for added durability. Unless someone takes a blade to it, it’s not going to pop on you.

To make it easy to use, it comes complete with an electric blower to inflate it. It takes just a few minutes to inflate, and about half as long to deflate. It then also comes complete with a convenient carrying case to store it in. 


  • Great for a few kids
  • Slide, climbing feature, kiddie pool, and water cannon
  • It doesn’t need too much space
  • Reasonable price
  • Durable build
  • Designed with safety in mind 
  • Water jets for lubrication
  • Easy inflation and deflation


  • Quite heavy
  • Not ideal for large groups

5. Wow World of Watersports Inflatable Floating Waterslide

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Here we have another fairly budget-friendly and cost-effective option to consider. It is by far the smallest and most basic unit on the list today. However, if you also have a pool, then it is something to think about. 


What you get here is an inflatable floating water slide. This particular one is designed to float right on your pool. That said, you don’t have to have it floating on the water. 

You could also place it on the side of the pool so your kids can slide into it from the edge. This kind of versatility is quite convenient. That said, do keep in mind that this water slide is really only a good option if you already have a pool.

In terms of size, this particular one is a two-lane water slide. This means that multiple kids can easily use it at once. Moreover, the slide itself is 9 feet long, which is long enough for a good bit of fun. That said, it’s also small enough to be convenient to have around the pool. 

It’s not going to take up all too much space around the perimeter. Now, do keep in mind that you can also get a much smaller version here, which only has one lane. This effectively makes it half as wide, and much more space-efficient. However, to make sure that everybody has enough space, we do recommend the two-lane option.

To ensure that your kids are safe while using this inflatable water slide, it comes with fairly high barriers on the sides. This water slide is made with very heavy-duty materials. It’s made with very high-quality PVC. This helps to ensure that it is both impact and puncture-resistant. It can certainly handle a good deal of punishment.

On a side note, to help make getting to the top of the slide easier, there are some handles and footholds included. Moreover, as far as parents are concerned, this unit is also very easy to deal with. It comes with an electric air pump that can inflate it within just a few minutes.


  • Durable
  • User friendly
  • Space efficient
  • Affordable
  • Safe
  • Ideal for a couple of kids
  • Good for pool use


  • Requires that you have a pool (or lakeside dock) 

Buyers Guide

There are a few important factors to consider when purchasing an inflatable water slide. Let’s take a look at all of the most important considerations that you need to keep in mind.

1. The Material

Perhaps one of the most important considerations here is what kind of material the inflatable water slide is made of. Anything inflatable automatically needs to be made out of very durable materials. The reason is, of course, because anything inflatable can be punctured. 

Therefore, the three materials that you want to look out for here are heavy-duty nylon, PVC, and heavy-duty Oxford fabric. Any three of these materials are more than suitable enough for an inflatable water slide.

2. Ease of Use

Another thing that you want to keep in mind here is how easy the unit in question is to inflate and deflate. Anything worth its money should always come with an electric air pump. 

These air pumps should allow for two-way airflow, for both inflation and deflation. You definitely don’t want to have to inflate these things manually. The unit in question should then also come complete with a storage and carrying case.

3. Size 

The next thing that you want to pay attention to here is the size of the inflatable water slide in question. For one, of course, the larger the slide, the more room you need. Unfortunately, these water slides are generally only designed for people who have houses. 

You do need quite a big backyard in order to accommodate some of these larger water slides. Therefore, you do need to pay attention to the size. Yet, there are some smaller sizes available. 

The other reason why size matters is, of course, due to the number of children that can play on it. As you can see from today, most of these inflatable water slides allow anywhere from two to six kids to play on them at once.

4. Safety

You do also need to go for something that is fairly safe. In terms of the climbing features and the slides, there should be some kind of barrier on the sides. This could be a mesh netting, or it could just be inflatable guardrails. The point is that there needs to be something to prevent your child from falling down from the top. Be sure an adult is always nearby to supervise children when using any one of these waterslides.

5. The Slide & Other Features

The other thing to look out for here is, of course, what sort of features the inflatable water slide in question comes with. Some of the units we looked at have dual water slides, and some single water slides. 

On that note, you do want to look for a water slide that has water jets. This will allow the slide to stay properly lubricated for an enjoyable experience. Of course, many of these water slides also come complete with climbing features, water cannons, and more.


1. What is the best material for an inflatable water slide to be made of? 

Generally speaking, high-quality nylon or PVC are best for these purposes. 

2. Do inflatable waterslides require adult supervision?

Although waterslides are built with safety in mind, adult supervision is still required at all times. 

3. Do you need a water connection for waterslides?

Most waterslides do require a constant water connection. This is usually for the water jets that keep the slide itself lubricated. 

Final Thoughts 

If you want something big and packed with features, the Deluxe Inflatable Water Slide Park is what I recommend going with. It’s not the cheapest unit on the list, although it is certainly one of the very best. 

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