15 Best Board Games For Kids with ADHD

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I always loved family game night at home when I was a kid. Sure, things have changed in the last few decades, and kids now love playing video games. However, I’m a firm believer in strong family ties.

This means that I want to spend at least one night with the whole family doing something like playing board games. After all, socializing and bonding are extremely important to my children and me.

However, finding suitable board games for kids is difficult, especially if you have children with ADHD.

Therefore, finding good board games for your child with ADHD is challenging. However, there are board games that are ideal for children who have trouble paying attention for extended periods.

This article looks at the best board games for kids with ADHD. I’ve found 15 board games for you to check out, so let’s get to it.

Best Board Games For Kids with ADHD

Hasbro Gaming Candy Land Kingdom Of Sweet Adventures Board Game

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This is a straightforward game ideal for children of all ages. It’s an excellent game for kids who have trouble paying attention as it doesn’t require too much effort or thought. It’s also a very fast-paced game, which should help keep your child’s attention.

This is a classic game that has been around for decades. In fact, I played this game when I was a child. My kids enjoy this game because it focuses on candy and sweets.

They encounter delicious surprises as they move their gingerbread man along the course. The aim is to be the first to get to the castle. This game is ideal for young kids who cannot yet read; no reading is required.

Number of Players: 2 to 4

Ages: 3+

Hasbro Gaming Don’t Wake Daddy

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This is one of my favorites − a game that reminds me of my childhood. Players have to make it from their bedroom to the fridge without waking up dad. There are many challenges and obstacles along the way. The first player who lands on the rainbow refrigerator space is considered the winner. If you wake dad up, you lose.

It’s an excellent game for kids with ADHD because it is very fast-paced, colorful, and full of surprises. There’s always a new twist with every turn.

Number of Players: 2 to 4

Ages: 3+

Hasbro Gaming Guess Who?

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If your kids are like mine, they probably like guessing games. I think guessing games are ideal for kids who have trouble paying attention because they are very interactive and attention-keeping.

This game will have your child constantly thinking about their next step. Keeping your child occupied is also half the battle. It’s a very simple game that doesn’t involve too many components yet is highly interactive. It should keep your child’s attention, and there aren’t any pieces to lose. The first person to guess each other’s character is the winner. My children and I have been playing this one for years!

Number of Players: 2

Ages: 6+

Hasbro Gaming The Game of Life: Super Mario Edition Board Game

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This is another classic game. That it still remains today is a testament to exactly how awesome it is. Of course, here I have chosen to go with an updated Super Mario version.

My kids always loved Super Mario, so I think it’s the perfect option. Having such a colorful board game with popular characters is ideal for kids with ADHD. It really helps to keep their attention and spur their imagination.

This Super Mario version is no different than the standard Game of Life, but there is nothing wrong with that. The Game of Life itself is very interactive and always has you doing something. Of course, this version has many themes related to Super Mario and interactive mini-games.

Number of Players: 2 to 4

Ages: 8+

Hasbro Gaming Trouble Board Game

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This has to be one of the simplest yet most captivating board games. It comes with that iconic Pop-o-Matic die roller − I loved using that dice roller as a kid, and my kids love it today.

Instead of rolling the die, you push down on the bubble, which then causes the die to jump around inside the bubble. It’s fun to push down, making a loud popping sound. This is something that kids seem to love, including kids with ADHD.

The rest of the game is straightforward. First, you have to get your characters to the end. Then, if you pass somebody else’s piece, they get sent back to the beginning. It’s a simple game that doesn’t take long to play, something else that is ideal for kids who have trouble paying attention.

Number of Players: 2 to 5

Ages: 5+

Perfection Game

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If there is one game that I would consider the best for kids with ADHD, this is probably it. You get a board with 25 different shapes that can fit into corresponding slots; the board is a spring-loaded platform you push down.

There is a one-minute timer, and you have one minute to get all 25 of the shapes into the corresponding slot before the board pops up and sends everything flying all over the place.

This game has been around for decades, and I loved playing it as a kid. It’s an excellent game for kids with trouble paying attention for long periods because each game lasts only a single minute. Even children with severe ADHD shouldn’t lose interest in the minute it takes to finish a game.

This new version comes with two pieces of different colors so two kids can play against each other simultaneously. This kind of interaction and social play makes it even better for children who have trouble paying attention.

Number of Players: 1 to 2

Ages: 5+

Spin Master Hedbanz Picture Guessing Board Game

Here is a perfect game for large groups of children to play; you can have up to six kids playing at once. This is a very simple game. Each player puts a card in their headband. Each card has a picture on it, for instance, a cat.

The person wearing the card does not see what they have. Instead, the aim is to ask a series of questions to figure out what card you have. The first person to figure out what card they have is the winner. To keep things interesting, there is also a time limit involved.

This is a great game for kids with ADHD because they can move around while playing it, and they don’t have to sit still. Moreover, asking questions and thinking about what card they have is attention-keeping. So it’s a game that should hold your child’s attention for a good amount of time.

Number of Players: 2 to 6

Ages: 8+

Hasbro Gaming CONNECT 4

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Here is another board game for all ages, boys and girls alike. This is also a very simple game that involves connecting 4 tokens of the same color in a single line. When somebody gets 4 discs in a row, they are the winner.

This is an excellent game for kids with ADHD for a couple of reasons. First, it is a fast-paced game that only takes a few minutes to complete. Second, it keeps starting and restarting, over and over again.

This fast-paced nature is ideal for children who have trouble paying attention for long periods. Moreover, it is also a pretty colorful game, something else that makes it suitable for children with ADHD.

Number of Players: 2

Ages: 6+

Hasbro Gaming Mouse Trap

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This is another oldie and goodie! It is perhaps one of the most iconic board games of all time. It’s been around for many years and is still very popular today. One of the reasons this game is ideal for kids with ADHD is that it’s incredibly colorful.

Moreover, it’s also a relatively fast-paced and interactive game. It first requires your children to build the mousetrap and then maneuver the board to avoid the mousetrap. It’s hands-on and interactive, and there is plenty of action going on.

This might be one of the best when it comes to riveting and exciting games. But unfortunately, the many small components are easy to lose, so you have to be careful with them.

Number of Players: 2 to 4

Ages: 6+

Jenga Maker

A game of Jenga is always a fun one for everybody to play. However, this is a new and improved version. You get blocks in many different shapes and various cards that show you what you have to build.

For instance, there is one card where you have to build a kangaroo out of seven or eight different blocks. If your tower collapses, you lose your turn. There are over 200 different cards with various constructions to build.

This game is ideal for kids with ADHD because it’s highly interactive and hands-on. It will have your children’s hands occupied and busy the whole time. What’s also cool is that this game is also fun for adults.

Number of Players: 2 to 4

Ages: 8+

Operation Electronic Board Game


Operation is excellent if you want a highly interactive game that will keep your children busy. You might remember playing Operation in your own childhood. This is certainly a game I had plenty of fun playing.

It’s challenging to remove all those body parts without making the board buzz. Of course, if you set off the buzzer while trying to remove a body part, you lose your turn. It’s a simple game that doesn’t really involve any reading.

Your child doesn’t really have to do much thinking at all. They just need steady hands to remove the body parts without setting off the buzzer. This is a game that children of all ages love to play.

Number of players: 1+

Ages: 6+

UNO Minecraft Card Game

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Uno is always an excellent card game, and for kids with ADHD, I think it is ideal because it is very fast-paced. Moreover, there is plenty of action in the game of Uno. There are action cards that will always keep your child busy. If that’s not enough, Uno now comes in a Minecraft version.

Minecraft is very popular with kids, so this is something that should help keep your child’s attention. It’s a straightforward card game, yet also fascinating.

Number of Players: 2 to 8

Ages: 7+

Pressman Charades for Kids

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Charades are fun for people of all ages. However, the standard version may be a bit too difficult for children. This is why here I have chosen Charades for Kids.

One feature is that there is no reading required. The action cards feature simple pictures for your children to act out. Not having to do any reading can be beneficial for some kids with ADHD.

Also, this game will have your children on their feet the whole time. It’s not something that has them sitting around, and it’s excellent for defeating boredom. This makes it a great party game for birthdays as well.

Number of Players: 3+

Ages: 4+

Throw Throw Burrito

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This is one of the most action-packed games around. However, it’s not a board game. Instead, it is a card game where your children collect cards to make matching pairs.

There are two soft foam burritos that your children will throw at each other. It’s like a combination of dodgeball and a card game. Your kids have to make matching sets of cards and avoid the burritos thrown at them.

It’s a fun and interactive game that will have your children on their feet, ducking, and dodging. This is perhaps one of the most exciting games on our list, making it ideal for kids with ADHD.

Number of Players: 2 to 6

Ages: 7+

Skillmatics Card Game: Found It Indoor Edition

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I always love scavenger hunts as a kid. However, a scavenger hunt is not always possible, so that’s why I love this game. This is an indoor scavenger hunt with many clue cards that your kids must use to find various objects throughout the house.

For example, these cards may say something like, “find something that rhymes with look,” or “find something that begins with the letter P.” The first child to complete the scavenger hunt is the winner. There is also a travel edition and an outdoor edition.

It’s a super simple game that doesn’t require much thought, yet it’s very entertaining and interactive. It’s something that will have your child up on their feet and moving around. This makes it ideal for children who have ADHD.

Number of Players: 1+

Ages: 4 to 7

Buyer’s Guide

There are some essential considerations to consider when shopping for a board game for a child with ADHD.

Hands-On Play

Kids with ADHD have trouble concentrating for long periods. Therefore, finding a hands-on board game is ideal because it will help keep your child busy. This is why various building games, operation games, and other games involving physical activities are excellent.

Avoid Too Much Strategy

For a child with ADHD, playing intense strategy games can be difficult. They might not have enough concentration to be able to strategize well enough to play this type of game. However, this is not to say that your child cannot use their brain, but a game that requires strategizing will be boring for a child with ADHD.

The Pace

Moreover, you want the board game to be relatively fast-paced. Anything that has your child sitting around waiting for other people to complete their turns isn’t good.

Getting Up

Many board games have your children on their feet and moving around. When ADHD is involved, constantly having hands busy or just moving around is ideal.

Age Range

Of course, ensure that the board game is appropriate for your child’s age.


Maybe I’ve got a bit of bias dating back to my childhood, but I still think the best board game for children with ADHD is Hasbro’s Gaming Mouse Trap. It’s a fun game, and even now, as an adult, it’s something I still really enjoy playing with my kids.

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