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{Guest Post} The Lorax Party

Continuing our pre-celebration of Dr. Seuss’ birthday, we have a great birthday party idea for you! Brought to you by our friend and founder of Daily Vacationer, we have a fun Lorax-themed birthday party....

Eat: Gooey Goo (ish) 1

Eat: Gooey Goo (ish)

So in my list of Seuss-inspired snacks, I told you that I was going to show you how to make Gooey Goo (salt water taffy) as found in Fox in Socks. Well, that was...

Eat: Snack. Snack. Eat a Snack. 0

Eat: Snack. Snack. Eat a Snack.

Eat a snack with Brown and Black. ~ Hop on Pop I thought that it would be appropriate to continue our celebration of Dr. Seuss (which started here and here) with some Dr. Seuss...