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Advent Ideas: How to Celebrate in 2014

Christmas is a coming! Christmas is a coming! While I was slightly annoyed to walk into Target and see Santa and his reindeers hanging overhead (what? already? no!), I think it’s a totally appropriate...

Grow: Advent Devotional Review 0

Grow: Advent Devotional Review

The Advent season is upon us- a time of waiting and anticipation. For Christians, it is both a remembrance of the waiting that the Hebrews did for the arrival of their Messiah, and the waiting and...

Play and Grow: Matchbox Advent Calendar 3

Play and Grow: Matchbox Advent Calendar

Thanksgiving has came and went, and you know what that means…Christmastime is here! Now I know some people are a little “bah humbug” when it comes to getting ready for Christmas early, but I...