About MaryAnn


I’m MaryAnn!  My husband and I have two boys, ages 8 and 10.  Before my kids were born I taught elementary school, which is a pretty cool job (if you like little kids).  Now I babysit for my nieces (ages 4 and 5) and I’m the Children’s Ministry Director at my church for children up through fifth grade.  See!  I really do like little kids.

I really enjoy writing for Play Eat Grow because it
A) motivates me to do things with my kiddos that I may have only thought about doing otherwise.
B) can encourage others to be more intentional about planning things to do with their kids.
C) is a way for me to show my kids and others that I love Jesus!
D) is awesome when people leave a comment and I know my post was a blessing to them!

What do I not like about being a blogger?  Well, there’s
A) the fact that I can’t take a decent picture of food to save my life.  Really, why do I even try?
B) my computer.  Sometimes it hates me.  And my blog.  And the feeling is mutual.

Thanks for stopping by Play Eat Grow!  Come back again soon!

Email me at maryann@playeatgrow.com!