Grow: Helping your child deal with fear – a visual lesson

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  1. Unknown says:

    AMEN!!!! What a fantastic visual. Thanks for sharing! Now I have it in my tool box for my kids too!

  2. This really ministered to me. I can't wait to share this with my little ones and all of our little ones in Kid's Church. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thank you for sharing this. My 5 year old is currently going through a terrible period of waking 2-3 times every night due to fear of something she saw on TV (a children's program can you believe!). This has been going on pretty much since Dec 14 and now even after continued battling with prayer we are seeking help from the doctors. We just want to know how best to help her but of course we are continuing to seek God in all of this. Please pray for our little girl. She prays with us each & ever night, its heartbreaking but I'm sure God is shielding us. God bless.

  4. Lauren Hyde says:

    I wanted to thank you for sharing!! I am using this illustration this morning at church! Our church is in a series called "Fearless", and so we are taking our children through a series called "Fear Busters" and your illustration has become the perfect addition to our lesson! I want to attach the "script" if you will, for anyone who may decide to use this for Children's Church, along with a craft idea that goes alongside!

    “In our Bible story, the disciples could see Jesus in their time of fear during the scary storm, and in that moment Jesus was able come to their rescue and stopped the storm. He helped take away their fear! And all they had to do was ask him! I want you to know that God listens to us when we talk to Him through our prayers, even though Jesus is no longer living here and we can't see Him. I want to show you!”

    (Ask the children to tell you each individual fear and then write it on a piece of construction paper. Once finished fold it into a fan and tell the kids:)

    “This fan is going to represent our fears. The flame represents each of us!”

    (Begin to carefully fan the flame from a distance, while explaing:)

    “Often, our fears can make us wobble because we are not grounded and we do not have protection on our own.”

    (Show the clear plastic bag and explain:)

    “Just how this bag is transparant or see through, which makes it kind of hard to see, we can't see God or our prayers with out eyes. But we can trust that His protection that comes when we pray will protect us from our fears”

    (Begin fanning the flame, but this time use the ziploc as a barrier to protect the flame. Do not let the flame move, and ask the kids:)

    (Give time between each of the following questions for the kids to answer:)

    “What can you see about the flame now??……. Is it moving anymore? ……………What is protecting it??………..You can pray to God anytime you are afraid and He can help you with your fears. We can TRUST Jesus!! ”

    “What did we learn through the fire and fan?? …….Even though we cant see God, our prayer can protect us from our Fears when we pray to Him”

    Move into Craft Time: Show the model clock to the children and read the verse. PSALM 53:6 “WHATEVER TIME I AM AFRAID, I WILL TRUST IN GOD. Explain that they will make one of their own and they can take it home so that in their time of fear, they can have mom and dad help them turn it to the right time, and they can pray in that moment.

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