Creating Spiritual Practices with Children (Scripture)

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  1. Tiffany says:

    We began teaching our children Genesis 1:1 because we wanted them to understand God as Creator of all. We recently realized that we needed to focus on character building with our little ones, particularly obedience:) So, we taught them Ephesians 6:1. It helped to recite it everyday and sing it!

  2. Awesome, Tiffany! Did ya'll just make a song up to Ephesians 6:1?

  3. obedience is not a spiritual virtue we should be uplifting with children… it is a control mechanism . Rather we should be teaching children to Respect and honour their teachers/elders/parents. Obedience is often the roots for abuse etc.. Faithfulness, Trust and honouring are much more appropriate virtues even as they apply to God.. God does not want our Obedience but rather faithful, thoughtful response to the unconditional love offered.

    • Wonderful blog, Tiff!
      I just can't keep myself from responding to this, and will understand if you need to delete. I just surprised by what I am reading. Obedience is not the root of abuse. SIN is the root of abuse, and all evil. Obedience is the result of respect and glorifying honor to our Lord and Savior. God said to His people, "I would rather your obedience than your sacrifice (apology)" Desiring our obedience was not a precursor to future abuse from God to His people. Obedience to our Lord without question, because we TRUST Him. That is not sin – disobedience is sin – and sin is what will keep us apart from God forever, without the acceptance of His gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

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