{Almost Free} Play: Ipad Apps

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  1. MJA says:

    My preschoolers enjoy the free apps I Hear Ewe, which just has a bunch of pictures and then the sound that they make. They also like Flashcards for iPad by INKids. There are 8 different activities that involve alphabet/phonics/reading skills. These are free. We also paid a few dollars for kidcalc, which helps with practicing math facts and counting, and 123 Color: talking coloring book. This one is great because the kids to color "freestyle" or they can color by number or letter, which is great for letter recognition, and numbers up to 26 (you can also make it easier for younger kids). In addition, we have purchased several Dr. Suess books, which the kids have enjoyed again and again. I got meegenius for us and I'm sure they'll enjoy that too.

  2. I'm a friend of JR and Amanda and we love Soundrop. We use the lite version since it is free, but you make music by drawing lines on the screen that act as chords. Very entertaining!

  3. Thanks for those suggestions, ladies! I plan on checking them out in the morning with the kids.

  4. Anne Griffin says:

    Also get jib jab jr's book! We love it! And hallmark has free books out now that go with the talking animals. You don 't need the animals to get them.

  5. Hey Anne- cool, I'll check that out- I haven't heard of jib jab jr before. hallmark has free books? who knew?! thanks for the comment :).

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